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  2008 ACR Hurdlers,

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                 Middle School Hurdlers -Tia, Will, Jordan and Hannah

                Arm Rhythm Drill - Jordan, Hannah and Tia (Walking) Middle School Conference Championship Meet  Tia Ward, Middle School 55M Hurdles Champion  9.28 sec

 10 Years Later -Both Coaching Hurdles   4 of my hurdlers in Blue Ridge Classic Finals -left to right Jessica, Whitney, Sophia and Erin 
Blue Ridge Classic, Whitney Stafford (2nd from left), Sophia Treakle (Middle), Kendal King (2nd from right)

Ben Gorman  Cade Liverman -Lane 9 (closest) 400 M Hurdles, 2008 Penn Relays, Texas A&M   Sophia Treakle    Michael Simmerson, Lane 6, Finals 110M Hurdles Championship, 2A State Meet   Sophia Treakle   

    Erin McKee (the day she first 3-stepped) and Whitney Stafford, June 3 2008  Coach Pantas and Simpson with some of the 2008 Junior Olympic Hurdlers  Anne Worth and Miranda Norlin       

     Michael Selle
  Sophia Treakle,  Deanna Butler      

   Coach Pantas and Courtney McKibbens   Coach Kelly McKibbens, Coach Pantas and Courtney McKibbens, Omaha Nebraska