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Practice & Meet Videos
2003 Golden West, Sacramento CA Cade Liverman and Kris Fant -110M Hurdles at the 2003 Golden West

Slide Show of Former Hurdlers

World Class
Sally Pearson -Birmingham -12.48

Sally Pearson over Lolo Jones by 1/100 second
David Oliver 17th straight win in 110s -13.11
Priscilla Lopes-Schiep of Canada wins Diamond League 100M Hurdles 12.54
David Oliver wins 110m Huddles Diamond League in 13.06
Women's 400M Hurdles Diamond League

Sally Pearson wins 100M Hurdles in Stockholm in 12.57
Lolo Jones wins 110M Hurdles in Monaco 1n 12.63

Video of Lolo Jones 60M Hurdles Slow Motion 
Lolo Jones -Olympic trials 12.29* wind aided
Gail Devers (12.37) & Olga Shishigina 1999 World Championships
Allen Johnson World Cup 2006
Great Music Video/Photo Tribute to Allen Johnson
Allen Johnson and Liu Xiang -12.96 for Johnson
Liu Xiang (China



Sally Pearson, Australia, currently the top female hurdler in the world in 2012,
winning a 100H race on the international Diamond League circuit in Europe.
Perfect hurdling technique and form.

Sally Pearson -Birmingham -12.48


Lolo Jones (USA) World Indoor Champion 60M Hurdles
PR -12.43*  and a 12.29* wind aided

Lolo Jones, USA


Gail Devers (USA) -World Champion 100M Hurdles
3-time Olympic Champion 100M Dash.
PR of 12.33*


Olga Shishigina (Kazakstan) Olympic Champion 100M Hurdles
World Indoor Champion 60M Hurdles
PR 12.44*

Olga Shishigina, Kazakstan

    Shishigina, Olga